Merry Christmas and 2022 in Review

Greetings Friends! I hope your holiday season provides you with the warmth in fulfillment that the weather seems to be denying me. This year has been filled with ups and downs. I have streamed regularly on Twitch and have been very successful at keeping a weekly vlog going on my YouTube channel. Unfortunately, this hasContinue reading “Merry Christmas and 2022 in Review”

Final Fantafiction XIV: Cats on the Beach

The following is a short piece of fiction I wrote about my Final Fantasy XIV character having an erotic encounter with a Hrothgar on the beaches of Limsa Lominsa. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

There will be more of these featuring these characters as time goes on. Not all stories will be erotic, but they will all occur within the WildWeiler Final Fantafiction Literary Universe. To find more stories, use the Final Fantafiction category.

If you are not of legal age or emotional temperament to read fiction with explicit sexual events and descriptions, please do not proceed.

This Week I Played Partisans 1941

It’s not often you come across a tactical WWII game that features the fascist invasion of the Soviet Union. Partisans 1941 changes this. Usually, games that do focus on the Soviet Union’s efforts in WWII focus on the counterattack and inevitable capturing of Berlin. These events occur much later in the war than the events of Partisans 1941. Which is one of the reasons Partisans 1941 can be a refreshing experience.

How to Fix Leap Motion Controller When Firmware Update Appears to Brick it

If you’ve purchased the Leap Motion Controller, plugged it in, installed the software, and received a message saying the firmware has updated only to see the LED on the front no longer turns on, don’t panic. The same thing happened to me.

This Week I Played Days Gone

Early this month there was a lot of discussion about Days Gone, and since it was on sale on Steam I decided to ride into the Hot Take mines. So I packed my (virtual) motorcycle and headed to (also virtual) Oregon. I know a lot of people like Days Gone, but to be honest, IContinue reading “This Week I Played Days Gone”

This Week I Played Backbone

Backbone can in the loosest terms be described as a furry detective game, which is why in April of 2018 I wasted no time in backing it on Kickstarter. Since then I mostly tried to forget about that game. I know personally that if I follow a game’s development closely I am doomed for disappointment.Continue reading “This Week I Played Backbone”

How Red Dead Online Got Me Through a Depression

Near the end of the terrible year that was 2020, my company asked everyone to use their paid time off since in 2021 we’re switching to a different way of holding them. Because of this, I have had almost two weeks of vacation at the end of a year where I can’t go and visitContinue reading “How Red Dead Online Got Me Through a Depression”

Coffee Run

Michael nervously wiped the sweat from his paws. The raccoon bent the delicate wires as quickly as he could, trying his best not to damage them. He still had too much work left to do. He’d eaten through the amount of time he estimated for this part of the job already. Every moment he lingeredContinue reading “Coffee Run”

Missing Antler

I wrote this story about a year ago because where I live it was around the time deer start shedding their antlers. I wanted to write a short little story about how that might look for a college buck. The pain radiating from the young buck’s ankle forced him to sit rigidly on the examinationContinue reading “Missing Antler”

Sex Scene: A Night In

This story features the demon and werewolf characters again. I wrote this one about six months after the other one. The scene is a direct sequel to This Scene and was written around the same time. John Dee Whalen leaned over the couch eagerly. His husband, a lean and powerful werewolf, stood behind him. TheContinue reading “Sex Scene: A Night In”