First Post: Hello Word

Hello internet. The goal of this website is to be an outlet for my creative side. I’m an engineer who likes to be a Rottweiler on the internet. I play a lot of TTRPGs and Video games. I’m an author, but my only paid credit is under my IRL handle, so I won’t be posting about it here. My goal is to get some writing credits under my furry fandom handle. I will be sure to keep this space updated as that happens.

I am an adult. As such some of the things I post here will be of an adult nature. This blog is an outlet for me therefore its content will be well rounded. NSFW posts will be tagged as such and I’ll keep any explicit discussion after the break.

It is nice to meet you. I hope you like what I have to say.

Published by WildWeiler

Dog on the internet. You know how it is.

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