4 Questions From Hitman Absolution That Need Answering

Hitman Absolution was a wildly different game from the rest of the titles in the Hitman series. One of the biggest differentiators is how it’s universally decried as a weak entry in an otherwise strong series. The other huge difference was it was primarily story-driven. Unlike other titles the story was placed front and center for the entire game, there are no levels unrelated to the main plot. In doing this, Hitman Absolution left some questions that need answering. Major spoilers for Hitman Absolution ahead.

What happened to Cosmo Faulkner?

Most of the way through Hitman Absolution we’re introduced to Chicago PD detective Cosmo Faulkner. He’s been trying to track down agent 47 since the incident at the Artemis Hotel. He seems to know enough about what went on at the hotel to have a conversation about Agent 47 where 47 is referred to as “The Hitman”. 

Cosmo’s problem is that the only people that seem to know anything are either wearing tinfoil hats or are covered in bird crap. At the end of Hitman Absolution, he’s seen hanging a poster, that looks remarkably like the wanted poster in Hitman Blood Money, as an informant who goes by the name of birdy walks into the room.

The impression we get is the Cosmo Faulkner is an intelligent and dedicated adversary. How Agent 47 and Diana deal with this problem is never addressed.

What happened to Birdy?

Birdy is a weird dude in Hitman Absolution he functions as a sort of informant who Agent 47 visits early in the story. Later on, it’s discovered his allegiances are more flexible than a rubber band. He pretty much allies himself with literally everyone throughout the game. As mentioned moments ago at the end of the game he’s seen walking into a Chicago Police Precinct looking for a new random group to align himself with. Birdy knows too much about Agent 47 and the ICA to be left alone. His fate is as of yet unknown, but he’s a loose end that needs to be tied up.

How big is the ICA?

The major plot of Hitman Absolution is about an ICA division head named Benjamin Travis. Travis has a lot at his disposal, he has multiple helicopters, a mobile command center, and a robotic arm. Travis has also been doing some shady genetic experiments to create his own private army of super killers. His base for this army is a teenage girl named Victory. Later in the game, it’s revealed that Travis is doing this without the knowledge of the ICA. In an attempt to get Victoria back and kill Agent 47, Travis takes over the town of Hope South Dakota, Sends a squad of sexy nuns to blow up a motel, and occupies a public cemetery. These are the resources at one division head’s disposal and the ICA board has apparently no idea what he’s doing. This causes us to wonder just how big is the ICA?

What happened to Victoria?

Agent 47’s primary drive throughout Hitman Absolution is the care, and then recovery of a teenage girl named Victoria. Victoria was created in a fashion similar to Agent 47 by Benjamin Travis’ scientists and researchers. She’s then kidnapped by Blake Dexter who wants to figure out how to replicate her.

Eventually, 47 does manage to save Vitoria from this fate. Although this isn’t before she kills several people and proves that she’s already more or less become what Diana wanted to save her from.

After killing Benjamin Travis we’re given a short scene that shows Diana is alive and is caring for Victoria. That is the last we see of Victoria without knowing what she chooses or what she wants to do next.

When 2016’s Hitman comes around Diana and 47 are back working for the ICA. Some events from Hitman Absolution are shown in a montage at the beginning of the game, so we know the events took place. There has yet to be a mention of Victoria though.

Those are 4 questions I had leftover from Hitman Absolution. I think each is worth answering in the current Hitman games. If you have other questions left over from Hitman Absolution, or any other Hitman game, please leave them in the comments. If you liked this video please like and subscribe.

I originally wrote this as a script for a YouTube video that I never made. I don’t want the effort to be wasted so I hope you liked it.

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