Sex Scene: A Night In

This story features the demon and werewolf characters again. I wrote this one about six months after the other one. The scene is a direct sequel to This Scene and was written around the same time.

John Dee Whalen leaned over the couch eagerly. His husband, a lean and powerful werewolf, stood behind him. The werewolf ran a paw up the lithe demon’s bare backside, teasing him with a single nail. He chewed loudly on a large, greasy slice of bacon and sausage pizza.

The demon’s snake-tail nervously flicked its tongue as it slithered around the werewolf’s left leg. The snake pulled the wolf closer. Its actions were nothing more than an extension of its owner’s desires. John lusted for his husband’s attention. The wolf ran his free paw down the demon’s right ass cheek. With a playful growl, he gave it a firm squeeze.

“Are you done playing around, Alistar?”

“You’re the one who said I could eat dinner while plowing you over the back of the couch. Or did you forget that, John?”

“I was hoping you would be more eager for the plowing.”

The werewolf leaned forward and growled into his husband’s ear. “I’m plenty eager.”

John quivered, his tail tightened its grip on its prey. Alistar devoured the rest of his pizza. With his now free paw, he tightly grabbed the bare, red hips before him. John moaned. The wolf pressed forward, pinning the demon between his hard cock and the couch. His rocket pulsed as he grinded it against his mate.

“I hope you’re ready.”

The demon leaned forward against the couch, pushing his backside into the wolf. “I’m going to need you to get me ready first.”

“What were you doing while I was eating that pizza?”

“Jerking it mostly.”

“Seems like you should have been doing something else.” The werewolf teased as he slipped two of his fingers into his muzzle. “I don’t recall you spending any of that time helping me out. Why should I help you out now?”

“Because you know my ass is—” the demon gasped as is husband pressed a finger into his tailhole – “amazing.”

Alistar teased his husband, pushing his finger further in before smoothly pulling back to his first knuckle. “Someone is a little tight.”

“You’ve been out lately. I haven’t had anyone around to keep me loose.” John replied.

“The moon ain’t going to howl at itself.” The wolf pushed a second finger. The demon moaned has his tail tightened its grip. “How about you stop talking and start focusing on other things?”

The demon managed only a nod between thrusts of his husband’s fingers. A wave of pleasure ran up from where the wolf’s paw had entered him, to the back of his neck. He moaned loudly and unashamedly as he ground his member into the back of the couch. The wolf withdrew his fingers.

“What are you—”

“I thought you were done talking.” Alister interrupted as he dropped to his knees. John shivered as Alistar’s cool nose touched the base of his spine. The demon tensed as the werewolf wrapped him in his muscular arms. Alistar grinned. Using his long, flat tongue the werewolf began licking the demons sensitive backside. Each lick brought his tongue closer to his husband’s tailhole.

John squirmed involuntarily when the wolf’s tongue finally glided over his hole. He’d panted uncontrollably waiting for it. His member throbbed with each subsequent lick. He looked down to see a small bead of pre forming at his narrow tip. The wolf grew braver. The wet tongue pressing against him with more pressure. The werewolf began probing. The demon resisted the urge to grab his now leaking cock. The wolf didn’t like it when his husband started before the main event was underway.

Gently, Alistar pushed his tongue into his husband. John shuddered, writhing as the werewolf inserted the entire length of his tongue into him. Alistar increased speed, pulling and pushing his way in and out of the eager demon before him. He lapped at his husband’s tight hole until it became slick with his saliva. He wrapped a paw around the warm demon dick, collecting the pre dripping from it. As he withdrew his tongue from his husband, the demon released one hand from the back of the couch to squeeze his own nipple. The werewolf licked his husband’s musk from the paw he’d collected it on.

The demon relaxed. The werewolf behind him stood and lined the tapered tip of his meaty, red bit up with his now slick hole. He exhaled heavily as Alistar pushed the first couple inches of his length in. The werewolf let out a primal growl that almost caused John to let loose his load.

The werewolf proceeded slowly, knowing that despite the thorough tongue fuck, his rocket still need to be eased in. When his bulbous knot reached his husband, the wolf stopped. The demon clenched around the wolf’s member causing the pair to howl and moan. Alistar pulled back, then trusted forward.

John let his chest rest against the back of the couch as his Alistar grabbed his hips. The powerful werewolf pulled the lithe demon onto him with each thrust into him. Now with both of his hands free, John stroked his warm, full cock and played with his nipples at the same time. He tried to time his strokes with his husband’s thrusts. It was a difficult task as the pair bucked with each of the werewolf’s thrusts.

The demon panted and moaned as the wolf behind him pushed himself further and further in. Alistar’s knot knocked at John’s hole harder and harder with each passing thrust. John increased intensity as he stroked himself. The wolf behind him started panting and growling louder and louder. His throbbing knot started to stretch the demon more and more.

Alistar moved his paws from his husband’s hips and wrapped them around his chest. He used his new position to better push into the demon. He playfully nibbled at red-skinned shoulder before him. The demon groaned. Anticipation welled within him. With each thrust Alistar opened his husband more. His tongue flopped out of his mouth as a howl rose within him.

“Alistar,” John screamed, as he spilt trails of seed onto the back of the couch in front of him.

The wolf, now entirely on top of the demon, howled with one final thrust as his knot was forced into, and eagerly accepted by, the demon. Alistar’s bit pulsed as he emptied himself into his husband. Each twinge of his cock forced more of his seed into the demon he held tightly against his chest. He grasped his husband’s member, over the hand that was still milking it. He gave a tight squeeze which caused the demon to tense around him causing each of them shoot a final rope of seed.

The two panted. Each entirely spent. Alistar relished in the scent of his husband’s neck as John alternated between tightening loosening himself around the hard cock locked within him. Without warning, the werewolf roared.

“What happened?” John asked.

“Your tail just went up my ass.”

Four minutes later, Alistar lay on his back in a lounge chair. His husband, still stuck on his knot, lay atop him, sinking into the sea of brown fur. While he would never admit it, this moment was almost better than the actual sex for him. Having a warm demon stuck on top of him as they decided what movie to watch. He licked behind his husband’s ear causing him to playfully squirm.

The air smelled of musk, cum, and sulfur. It took him a while to get used to it, but the scent of his husband was something he found himself addicted to. But there was something else, mixed between the scents something familiar. Alistar sniffed again. Once he dug past the wet fur and sex, the familiar smell of greasy pizza filled his nose. Remembering the preparations he’d made earlier, Alistar reached under the chair.

John rolled his head back to catch a glimpse of his husband taking a bite of pizza. The wolf offered it forward. “Do you want it?”

“I love you,” he said, taking the slice from Alistar’s paw.

The pair looked forward as the opening scene of Die Hard began. The wolf leaded forward, surprised at his husband’s movie choice. “I love you.”

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