Missing Antler

I wrote this story about a year ago because where I live it was around the time deer start shedding their antlers. I wanted to write a short little story about how that might look for a college buck.

The pain radiating from the young buck’s ankle forced him to sit rigidly on the examination table. He’d been waiting for twenty minutes, with nothing to distract from the pain besides staring at the cover-your-cough poster on the cream wall in front of him. It would nice to be seen by a practitioner soon, but when he and his boyfriend staggered in, he wasn’t the one with the head injury. A light knock on the examination room door preceded a civet in scrubs entering.

“I’m sorry to keep you waiting. We needed to make sure the hyena you came in with was okay.” She looked at the deer. “He’ll be fine, with some rest.”

“Thank you for letting me know, I was worried.” The deer responded.

“Let’s take a look at you know. You said your ankle hurts and you can’t walk on it?”

“It hurts pretty bad. If I’m honest, my worry about Tobias is pretty much the only thing keeping me from crying.”

“Tobias is in good hands. Let’s worry about you for the moment.” The civet sat on the stool in front of the table. The deer shifted, causing the paper under him to crinkle. The practitioner inspected the ankle. As she reached out her paw to touch it the deer squeaked in pain.

“Yeah, this is broken. You’ll need imaging to figure out what our next steps are.” She pointed to his forehead. “Did one of your antlers fall off during the accident?”

The buck shook his head. “No, I shed that last night in my sleep.”

“Why don’t you tell me what happened.”

“Where should I start?”

“It helps us to know some context in case there are any mitigating factors.”

The deer nodded. “Okay.” He took a breath, as the story was somewhat embarrassing.

“This morning when I woke up I found blood on my pillow and one of my antlers on the floor. Which is to be expected this time of year. Although I was disappointed both of them didn’t fall out. The other one seemed pretty solid still too; I took my pillowcase off and threw it in the trash and went to the dorm shower. My shower took longer than usual because I had to clean the dried blood off my face.

“When I got out of the shower, my RA was brushing his fangs. When he saw me with only one antler, he laughed. I looked away from him and hurried back to my dorm room. I’m not accustomed to people making a big deal of seeing a deer with one antler. Most of the people where I grew up were deer. Most people are used to seeing people with one antler for a couple of days. When I got back to my dorm Tobias had texted me asking if I wanted to get breakfast with him at the commons.

“Remembering my RA’s reaction, I decided to decline. I planned to avoid him for a few days if possible. I’m a math major, he’s doing business so it won’t be the hardest thing in the world. Coming up with excuses would be a little harder.

“I went to my morning classes. I tried my hardest to ignore the stares the whole time. After class, I decided to go for a run at the gym. I figured it would distract me and it’s usually pretty dead before lunch. I also know Tobias does his workouts after his classes. If I went before lunch there would be no chance of running into him.

“I get to the gym and change. I received fewer stares in the locker room since most people are pretending not to see each other anyway. There were only four other people on the second floor. All of them were streaming video on their phones, pretending to do cardio. I clipped on my earphones and started running.

“The athletic center has a layout that allows you to look down from the indoor running track into the weight room. Just after I’d completed my first mile, I noticed Toby in the weight room. I could tell it was him and not some other stacked hyena because he only works out in those tank tops that show off his nipples so everyone can see he has them pierced.

“I couldn’t tell whether he had seen me or not. I finished the lap I was on and then exited using the stairwell in the back to get to the locker room. I didn’t want Toby to see me with one antler. There were Once in the locker room, I threw my clothing into my gym bag and hid in the shower.

“After soaping myself up, I heard the locker room door open. I just stared at the tiles of the shower stall, hoping it wasn’t Toby. Then I head heard ‘Marc are you alright?’ through the plastic shower curtain. He sounded concerned, maybe a little confused too.

“Not answering wasn’t an option. My gym back was right outside the shower. I answered. I told him I was alight. I must not have sounded believable as he pulled open the curtain. He froze for a moment, clearly noticing the missing antler. ‘Does it hurt,’ he asked softly.

“No, I answered. If anything the remaining one itches. Then he surprised me by stepping into the shower, still in his clothes. He put a paw on the side of my face and kissed the top of my head. Then he kissed along my muzzle. Before I knew it, his tongue was in my mouth. He pulled away for a moment and said, ‘Now my clothes are all wet’. I grabbed his gym shorts by the waistband and pull them down.

“He lifted off his tank top as I pulled him forward by the elastic waistband of his jockstrap and stuck my nose in his armpit. I huffed his musky scent which led to my full length prodding him in the thigh. ‘I’m pretty ripe right now,’ he said. I responded with a playful lick which was muskier than I was prepared for. He kissed the top of my head as I inhaled his scent again. He flexed.

“I worked my hands into the pouch of his jockstrap. To my joy, he was already erect. I pulled the pouch down so it only covered his balls and stroked his length. Then I pushed my nose into his pit again sniffed and licked as I stroked him. His aroma flooded my senses. I pulled back intoxicated by his scent.

“‘As much as I love this,’ I said, ‘we need to get you cleaned up. I’m not sure your roommates are going to like you reeking up your dorm.’

“‘You would like it,’ he replied.

“‘You’re welcome to stink up my dorm any time you want.’ I gave my body wash bottle a few pumps. I pressed the wash into his chest. I lathered his chest, starting with his pierced nipples. I moved down his abs to his pierced navel.

“He put one of his massive paws on my chest. ‘How about we finish getting dirty first?’ Then he leaned down and kissed me. I turned around and braced myself against the wall, warm water running down my back. I lifted my small tail.

“With is strong thumbs his spread my cheeks and slowly teased my tail hole with his cock. I leaned harder against the wall. After a few more moments of prodding, I felt one of his fingers slid into me. Soon after he slid in a second one. He thrust his fingers into me and slowly wriggled them around. He slowly pulled them out. I gasped very loudly in ecstasy.

“He pressed his chest into my back. I felt his weight on me as he braced one leg on the wall and lined himself with my hole. Slowly he pressed his cock into me. My tail hole stretched as Toby got his entire length into me. I moaned.

“We stood still under the warm water. With him inside me, I relaxed as I got used to his girth. Then he pulled back slightly before gradually pushing back in. By his third thrust, he’d started to form a rhythm. I moaned and huffed as his thrusts became more forceful. He paused for a moment to pull his jockstrap down further. When he resumed his balls slapped against me with each thrust.

“With his right paw, he braced against the wall as he put more of his weight on me. I planted my hooves as firmly as I could on the tile. With his left paw, he reached around me. As he wrapped his digits around my erection I cried out in pleasure. He began stroking me as he pounded my ass.

“As he thrust harder and harder, a storm of tension stirred within me. His breath came in heavy, wet breaths against the back of my neck. The smell of wet, musky hyena filled my nostrils. He began thrusting as deep as he could, each thrust accompanied by a guttural growl.

“He braced himself against the floor and wrapped his right arm around me, lifting my hooves from the floor as he heaved into me. He howled. Inside, I felt his dick twitch and pulse as he came. As he continued stroking my shaft, the storm building within me reached its climax as my balls tightened and I shot my load into his paw. I let out a loud, satisfied moan as my cock continued to pulse and covering his paw with cum.

“We stood still for a moment, him still inside me, as we caught our breath. Slowly, Toby pulled out. My body shuddered as his tip left my stretched tail hole. From the corner of my eye, I caught him taking a lick of his paw before washing it off in the warm water. I turned away with a smile, hoping he didn’t notice.

“After a moment of actual washing, I shut off the water. I pulled open the shower curtain. In the locker room, a group of six people had assembled outside the shower stall. A few were naked and fully erect. A rottweiler was spilling out of his jockstrap. A lion had a paw in his shorts and an impressive stain on the front. And a bear was cleaning himself with a gym towel. Someone whistled and the rest started clapping.

“Feeling confident, despite having only one antler, I did a small curtsy. That’s when I realized Toby hadn’t rinsed very well and the water pooling at his feet was soapy. Slipping on the soapy tiles, I lost my balance and fell to the floor. As I fell I grabbed the shower curtain. To my surprise, it didn’t rip, and I thought I was going to be fine until the rod detached from the wall. I hit the ground, hard. The rod came down on Toby’s head and then he fell on top of me.

The deer sighed. “When everything got sorted out, Toby was bleeding from the head, and I couldn’t stand on my ankle.

The civet looked blankly at the deer before turning her attention back to her form. “I’m going to just write they you fell in the shower at the athletic center.”

The deer blinked and then looked away. “Yeah, that works. You probably could have done with less context. I’m sorry for being gross.”

She shrugged. “It’s a fun story, and it’s not gross. It sounds like you have a nice boyfriend.”

The deer smiled. “He’s pretty awesome.”

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