How to Fix Leap Motion Controller When Firmware Update Appears to Brick it

Sorry for the title.

If you’ve purchased the Leap Motion Controller, plugged it in, installed the software, and received a message saying the firmware has updated only to see the LED on the front no longer turns on, don’t panic. The same thing happened to me.

To fix this problem all I did was perform the Firmware reset procedure documented here:

When I followed the steps above the LED on the front of my Leap Motion Controller was not turned on. If this is true for you, don’t worry. The Firmware Reset utility was able to connect, regardless.

I did not have to stop the Windows Service, but you may have to, check if it’s running regardless.

And that’s it.

Why did I write this blog post? I had difficulty finding examples of this problem happening with solutions posted after 2016 and that had me worried. That is why I put together this quick post. Hopefully, if you read this it will put your worries to rest, and solve your problem.

If you followed the procedure above, and it doesn’t work, I am sorry. Resetting the firmware is all I had to do. Now might be the time to contact support.

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