Final Fantafiction XIV: Cats on the Beach

The following is a short piece of fiction I wrote about my Final Fantasy XIV character having an erotic encounter with a Hrothgar on the beaches of Limsa Lominsa. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

There will be more of these featuring these characters as time goes on. Not all stories will be erotic, but they will all occur within the WildWeiler Final Fantafiction Literary Universe. To find more stories, use the Final Fantafiction category.

If you are not of legal age or emotional temperament to read fiction with explicit sexual events and descriptions, please do not proceed.

The Hrothgar’s clothing caught my attention. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why someone would wear a full set of magician’s robes to the beach. At least his clothes seemed loose-fitting. It was still entirely too much cloth though. His fur’s tan base coat matched the sand. He had a lighter-colored shoulder mantle and brown striping. Like all Hrothgar, he easily stood head and shoulders above me.  

For my part, I’m a Miqo’te only wearing backless swim briefs and sunglasses. Properly dressed for an afternoon of beach cruising, I’d been wearing this since leaving my apartment. No shirt, no towel, I’m not one to get changed at the beach. And I am not subtle. Living in a pirate haven has its perks.   

I had picked my outfit with care, hoping those looking to play would see through my brief’s loose knit. Unfortunately, the beach was deserted. Ever since the Costa Del Sol beachfront development was built, most everyone tends to travel there for beach holidays. It’s a nice enough resort, sure. But the person who runs it is a real codger who I don’t much care to support in any regard.  

The Hrothgar stood five or six yalms away. Meaning he’d already seen me from behind as I had only caught sight of him as I surveyed the beach once more before deciding if I wanted to give up and go for a swim or try to find a different spot.  

Bare ass still facing him, head turned to meet his eyes, I smiled. He was looking in my direction, but not at me. It was as though he was lost or confused. Then he noticed me.  

His eyes danced. First, they showed recognition that the shape in front of him was a person. I flicked my tail. His eyes followed the movement. Got him. I smiled, catching a flash of intrigue in his eyes as he realized exactly what he was looking at. In a flash of embarrassment, his gaze leaped to meet mine. I thought quickly for something to respond with before he apologized and ruined the moment.  

“You’re not exactly properly dressed for a day at the beach. I can look away while you strip down if you’d like,” I said.  

He paused, processing the words. “I think I’m lost. I’m looking for the Aetherite plaza.” He replied. His voice was deep. It matched his large statue.  

“You may be lost, yes. However, I’ve been looking for someone like you all afternoon.” I shifted my stance, giving him the slightest peek of the bright red pouch of my swim briefs. “It would a shame personally for me if you left so quickly. But if you must know where the Aetherite is, you turned right instead of left back up the road, you have to go around the jetty to the other beach.”  

“You’re a forward little creature, aren’t you?”  

“I live under the philosophy you should take shots whenever they’re available. A bodyguard named Radovan I met in my travels told me if I always waited for the perfect shot, I’d be passing up countless good ones that would have hit just as well.”  

The mage cocked his brow. “So, you’re familiar with Hrothgar?”  

I pivoted on my right leg to face him, hooking my right thumb into my brief and pulling down the band just enough to make it clear the trail on my stomach goes all the way down. “I’ve met Hrothgar. I suppose you’re the one who gets to decide if today is the day I become familiar with one.”  

At this point, I expected him to at least glance back at the path he intended to take before running into me. To my extreme delight, he didn’t even move his eyes off of me as he closed the gap between us. He loomed over. His warm breath melted my bravado. To be honest I was a little disappointed in myself. He hadn’t even touched me and I was already clay for him to mold however he wanted to.  

He slid a massive hand into the pouch of my briefs, grabbing my cock and balls in one motion. He caressed and groped for a moment as if he was judging me like produce. I loved it. My member grew hard in his hand. His green eyes demanded silence from me. Had they not, I would have exclaimed as he fondled my balls.  

Reaching further down, he leaned down into me. His fingers passed between my legs. The leading one tickling my sensitive skin along its way. He found my tail hole. I could hear a deep purr come from within him as he traced it.  

“Who’s being forward now?” I asked.  

“You took your shot,” he replied. “I’m taking mine.”  

He lined up a finger with my hole and gently pushed until it opened enough to let the tip of the digit in. He lifted me onto my toes.  

“It seems you’ve hit the center.”  

He snorted. “Are you going to talk the whole time?”  

“Probably, I’m a loud little guy.” I smiled, reclaiming some sense of control.  

He played inside me for a few moments longer. When he was satisfied with a finger still inside me, he pulled me into himself, pressing our chests together. He withdrew the finger. And pulled down the waist of my briefs until they came loose and fell around my ankles. I stood before him, naked.  

“If you want to become familiar, you’d better start removing my clothes, boy.”  

I nodded. The buttons holding his robes closed were stiff and sturdy. Given that he appeared to travel a lot, his clothes being well constructed was to be expected. With some effort, I managed to get the buttons undone. Taking care to not remove my hands from him, I circled behind him.  

With his assistance, I peeled the outer robe from his body. I carefully folded it before laying it down on the sand. From behind, I helped him out of his loose-fitting shirt, which had already been open beneath his outer robe. That I just threw onto the robe in a ball. Since I was already behind him, I undid the rear button of his pants freeing his tail.  

I noticed underneath his trousers he was wearing a leather subligar. I’d seen other Hrothgar wearing them out in my travels. They seemed well made. His tail came through a brass ring lashed to a leather waistband. Removing it later may be tricky. Running my fingers along his hip, I returned to his front. He smirked in amusement. With both my hands, I felt through the bulge in his trousers. He was warm and, it seemed, like all Hrothgar, well equipped. I began undoing buttons. He put both hands on my shoulders.  

“You need to get my boots off first.” It was a command. A polite one, but still a command.  

While he didn’t apply pressure, he gestured with his head downward, indicating that he wasn’t going to lift his boots. I was going to have to get down. I was pleased to oblige. I dropped down. My knees dug into the warm sand. I undid the oiled laces. He lifted his right foot. I pulled the sturdy leather from his leg. As his foot came out my nose was hit by a wave of musk. These were the boots and feet of someone who does a lot of walking and running. Like most things about him, the scent was intoxicating. I removed his other boot.  

Remaining on my knees, I undid his belt and unbuttoned his fly. I pulled his pants down. He stepped out of them and I threw them onto the increasingly large pile of clothing behind him. At eye level was his bulging leather subligar. I took his bulge into my hands. The leather was smooth, soft, and warm. He moaned softly as I felt him through the garment.  

This was to distract him from the fact I didn’t know how to get the thing off of him. I hadn’t said anything since he told me to pull his clothes off, and I wanted to keep it that way. I continued toying with him as I examined the subligar. For the most part, it was in effect a leather loincloth bikini, although it had an extra set of straps that tucked behind the front flap. Finally, there were knots on either side that seemed to hold it together but were unconnected to the extra straps, which had their own knot. I opened my mouth and blew hot air onto his bulge. Then I made my choice.  

I undid the knot on his left side that connected to the main part of the subligar. As soon as it was undone the whole thing loosened enough to fall into my lap. Without thinking I scooped it up and put my face in it. With one of his massive hands, he gripped my hair. I savored the smell of his subligar. I felt myself getting as hard as I’d ever been. He used his grip on my head to direct my attention upward. When I looked at him, I learned what the extra straps were for.  

The remaining leather straps ran around his hips, connecting to either side of a large brass ring supporting his cock and heavy balls. Unlike a true cock ring it didn’t appear its purpose was to restrict, but rather for keeping him forward and lifted. Without needing to inspect further, it became obvious the ring was similar to the one his tail was through.  

“Good kitty,” he said.  

I met his eyes and almost laughed. We likely share some amount of common ancestry, but between a Miqo’te and a Hrothgar, one is considerably more of a kitty than the other. And it isn’t me.   

I reached for the remaining set of straps. He grabbed my wrist. “That stays on.”  

“Yes sir,” I replied.  

Kneeling in front of him, I took in the sight. He was massive. A large, thick cock hung over two heavy-set balls. I took his balls into my hands. He exhaled in pleasure. I ran my fingers over them, fondling every part. I pressed my nose into them and deeply inhaled. Like the subligar, the scent was strong and magical. I began licking.  

He seemed surprised as I lapped at his balls but quickly leaned into the experience. His cock went from half-mast to standing proud. I maneuvered so it rested across my face as I licked aft, working my way between his legs. I wanted him all. I wanted his smell, his taste, his cock.   

After his balls were thoroughly slick with my saliva, I withdrew from between his legs. He grabbed me under the arms and lifted me into the air. He pulled me close and gave me a forceful kiss. His tongue deeply invaded my mouth before quickly retreating. I gasped for breath in surprise. My hard cock twitched as it was pressed between us.  

He set me back down. Then he sat in the sand. The white grains stuck to his wet balls as made contact with the warm beach. It was a hot scene, but I had to conceal my disappointment as I wasn’t quite done with those. He beckoned me to join him. I began sitting down.  

With a finger, he motioned for me to turn around as I did. I obliged. He lay on his back. I set my ass right on his chest, facing his erect member.  

“You’re going to want to get me nice and slick cat boy,” he said.  

“Is that how this is going to go?” I said looking back at him.  

“You’re going to get my cock nice and wet. Then you’re going to ride it. Then I’m going to pound you into the sand.”  

“That’s a plan I can follow.”  

I licked the base of his cock. Suddenly, both his hands grabbed my ass and pulled it up causing me to lie on top of him. I missed a beat in surprise but continued diligently licking his shaft.  

Behind me, a finger pressed its way into my tail hole. It traveled deeper than he’d explored earlier. He tugged against the side, stretching me open. As my mouth reached his tip, he inserted a second finger into me. The sudden expansion of my tail hole caused me to gasp. He thrust in and out with his two slick fingers. I became lost for a moment in a sea of sensation and pleasure.  

“I don’t know how you got so good at playing with holes, but please keep it up.”  

“I’m almost done back here, so you better hurry up.”  

Returning to my work, I closed my lips around his head and sucked gently on him. I felt a shudder run through his body and his hands briefly lost their rhythm. Taking more of him into my mouth, I smirked. I mean I smirked as much as a person can with a Hrothgar’s cock in their mouth.  

It took work, and a bit longer than I’d have thought, but I managed to fit his entire length into my mouth. By that point he’d stretched me so thoroughly he was just having fun, finding which ways he could bend his fingers to make me shiver, or bend. By the time I was just understanding him, it felt like he could play me like a harp.  

He withdrew his fingers. I lifted my head from his member with a satisfying pop as it existed and then immediately sprung back to hit my face. He chuckled. Still seated on him, I spun around.  

Digging my feet into the sand, I aligned my well-prepared whole with him. He held his shaft, slapping my entrance with his tip.   

“I know you’ve been pretty forward and a little rough so far, can we take this slowly. I want to enjoy getting it in. You’ll have plenty of time to pound me senseless once you’re inside.”  

He nodded. “Take the lead and let me know when you’re ready for me to take back over.”  

With one hand on his chest, I steadied myself. With my other hand, I pulled my cheeks wide apart. I lowered myself onto his spit-slickened shaft. His tip touched me, sending a shiver up my spine, making the small hairs on my neck stand.   

I shifted downward; his tip entered me. My cock flexed. I continued lowering myself onto him. His shaft widened to a thick mid-point. Each inch was simultaneously challenging and rewarding. But thanks to his work thoroughly stretching me, I was well prepared. I continued ushering his length into me until I was seated on him. I took a moment to wiggle around, getting him full settled into me. Before I met his eyes, I smiled.  

“You have a good hole, kitty.” He said with a smirk.  

“And you have a great dick,” I replied.  

I sat up. Then I shifted my weight back to my legs and began bouncing on him. Lifting myself off his body and letting myself back down, I stretched myself until he could slide in and out easily. At some point during my exercise, the Hrothgar had thrown his head back and was resting it in the sand with an expression I can only describe as serene, but still having sex. It made me blush.  

I sat all the way down on him. “Any time you want to take back over.”  

The serenity of the previous moment shattered. His eyes flew open, his head lifted from the sand. His hands gripped my thigh as a single-minded, lustful, focus filled his eyes. He licked his chops in the way cats do before they take what they want.  

He rocked his hips into the sand, withdrawing part way from me, and then slammed himself back in. I heard a growl as the thrust reached its greatest depth. He repeated the action with enough force to unbalance me. I leaned forward, stabilizing myself on his chest once more. He continued thrusting.  

Each time he pulled his hips back a little further so he could thrust more of himself back into me. And each time he thrust inward I felt a stronger wave of pleasure come over me. Sweat pooled and ran down my sun-soaked back. Beneath me, the Hrothgar began panting. His grip on me tightened. Our moans grew louder as we neared climax.  

He pulled out. I cried out in shock and awe. He rolled us. I was now pinned under him. Grabbing my legs, he set my ankles onto his shoulders, pulling up my hips. He growled primally, reinserting himself. I moaned in passion, overcome by his sudden reentry. He resumed with the same ferocity he’d had with me on top. I felt the warm sand make way beneath my shoulders as he pounded me back into the sand.  

A tide of pleasure swelled within me. He began thrusting deeper than he had before. With his strong arms, he braced himself against the sand, pushing my legs up further. The smell of our mating bodies filled my nostrils. His belly made contact with my balls, pushing me over the edge.  

I came. Viscus white ropes of seed spilled onto my chest and belly. I wiggled and clenched around him as the orgasm persisted. More strings of cum shot from my cock. I caught his eyes and spied a glint of pride. The pleasure subsided, but his thrusting did not. He increased his pace.  

He growled gutturally and then finally roared as he buried himself deep within me. His member pulsed inside me. I could feel each shot of the heavy load he was dumping into me. He finished, looming over me.  

“Holy twelve,” I gasped beneath him. “I don’t know when I last came that hard.”  

He purred.  

I chuckled. “You’re not going to get all serious on me now, are you?”  

“One second,” he answered. Then he slowly pulled himself out of me.  

“Oh gods,” I said as my hole pathetically attempted to close upon his exit. I looked up to catch a glimpse of his wet member.  

“Do you like what you see?”  

“Most definitely. I just wanted to be sure I saw it again.”  

He sat in the sand next to me. “Well now that we’ve become familiar with each other, I’m sure you’ll have occasion to see it again.”  

“I suppose that depends on how often you travel because I get around.” I put my hands behind my head and sank as deeply into the sand as I could. Between the warm sand and our rather aggressive sex, I was doomed to fall asleep at any moment.  

“I travel a lot myself.” He lay in the sand next to me.  

I yawned. “Well since we both get around it may be hard to find each other.”  

“Perhaps,” he paused. “But in my experience, people tend to notice what I’m up to. I’m sure you’ll be able to find me if you look hard enough.”  

“You know, I can say the same. At least about the traveling part. I’m not sure I leave my name so much as my reputation though.” I closed my eyes.  

He snorted. “I’m pretty sure I’m only known by reputation. I don’t think many people even know my name.”  

“What reputation is that?” I asked sleepily.  

I didn’t learn until later, he answered the question. Unfortunately, I fell asleep asking it. I woke up later, naked, bathed in the late afternoon sun. Beside me, a stick had been driven into the sand. Hanging from it were my swim briefs. Pierced through by it, pinned against the sand was an improvised note on a torn envelope. It read: “See you around, cat boy.” 

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