Final Fantafiction XIV: Cats on the Beach

The following is a short piece of fiction I wrote about my Final Fantasy XIV character having an erotic encounter with a Hrothgar on the beaches of Limsa Lominsa. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

There will be more of these featuring these characters as time goes on. Not all stories will be erotic, but they will all occur within the WildWeiler Final Fantafiction Literary Universe. To find more stories, use the Final Fantafiction category.

If you are not of legal age or emotional temperament to read fiction with explicit sexual events and descriptions, please do not proceed.

Missing Antler

I wrote this story about a year ago because where I live it was around the time deer start shedding their antlers. I wanted to write a short little story about how that might look for a college buck. The pain radiating from the young buck’s ankle forced him to sit rigidly on the examinationContinue reading “Missing Antler”

Sex Scene: A Night In

This story features the demon and werewolf characters again. I wrote this one about six months after the other one. The scene is a direct sequel to This Scene and was written around the same time. John Dee Whalen leaned over the couch eagerly. His husband, a lean and powerful werewolf, stood behind him. TheContinue reading “Sex Scene: A Night In”

Sex Scene: Light Bondage

I wrote this story two years ago. I guess it’s not so much a story as a couple of short scenes. The characters are from a table top game I was in around the time. The demon character was mine and the werewolf character is his NPC husband. Since the game fleshed out their relationshipContinue reading “Sex Scene: Light Bondage”

Sex Scene: The Satyr King and the Gnoll Warrior

I wanted to write out a story that I came up with playing D&D in order to figure out how two characters might act if they had some intimate time together. All you need to know about this semi-probably-non-canon scene is that our party has a gnoll companion and in our old party I playedContinue reading “Sex Scene: The Satyr King and the Gnoll Warrior”